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Here you have a chance to read some gambling articles. The articles range form personal stories, fiction, politics, experimental and more.

If you wish to contribute your own gambling article, please use the contact form.

(Please note, this is a brand new archive, so at this time there are only a few articles).


A Day in the Life of a Professional Roulette Gambler - This article puts you in the shoes of a professional roulette gambler (in this article a man). See what goes through his mind as he enters the casino and starts playing his favorite game, roulette.

The House Always Wins. Does It Really? - Debunking a centuries' old myth that casinos are invincible.

The Dice Have No Memory. Oh, Really? Says Who? - Debunking another gambling myth.

Poker is a Game of Chance - Don't let anyone tell you that poker is a game of skill. Read this article to get the facts. Once you get these facts you will reach the only possible conclusion, that poker is a game of chance.

Online Poker Tips - Learn one simple trick to win at online poker.

Chance vs. Skill - Chance will always beat skill in the long run.

The Simplification of Poker - The simplest approach to winning at poker.

Recommendations for College Gambling Policies - The future is in the hands of the young. See what colleges can do about that.

Learn More About Talking with Children About Gambling - Children cannot be left on their own to learn the facts about gambling.

Gambling and Investing - See how gambling is just a form of investing into your future.

Gambling Laws - How laws of physics, laws of nature and legal laws affect games of chance and gambling in casinos.

The Ultimate Craps Strategy - Craps offers fast returns and is an easy game to beat with the ultimate craps strategy.

Apes are Natural Born Gamblers - We share more with our closest relatives than just physical appearances; apes too like to put down a wager.

Gambling in Our DNA - The world's most passionate gamblers all share the same gambling gene; find out if gene therapy is right for you.

Gambling and Telepathy - Learn how telepathy can improve your win rate at poker.

Gambling and The Brain - Learn about a revolutionary procedure that involves a simple brain surgery, to help people properly function as gamblers.

GA Victims Rehabilitation Center - For those who have become victims of Gamblers Anonymous.

Infant Gamblers - Find out why early exposure to gambling is critical.



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