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Due to the narrow-minded views of our conservative society, Dr. Papadakis has not received any awards, as of yet. In fact, his biggest achievement is having been ridiculed, on numerous occasions, in public and through traditional media, for his advanced theories, in much the same way as Galileo used to be ridiculed for supporting the theory that the Earth orbits around the Sun. Just like Galileo, Dr. Papadakis has also been called a charlatan and a quack, and he has been booed off some of the most prestigious stages and public forums. His research and findings are so advanced and controversial that he has been banned from every major scientific convention in the world.

Those in the know are well aware of the fact that time will prove that Dr. Papadakis is on the right side of history.

We will keep you posted on any breaking news, and possible awards that Dr. Papadakis will receive in the future. At this point it would be wise to start making arrangements to rent a tuxedo that you are planning to wear to the awards ceremony.


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