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Benefits for NCIG Members

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The National Center for Irresponsible Gambling offers many benefits to its members.


A License to Win!

The best benefit that you will receive as a member of the National Center for Irresponsible Gambling is what is known as A License To Win! In short, you will be abel to gamble at any casino as much as you want, without fear of ever being banned. The reason is because casinos don't ban reckless gamblers.


Gamblers' Newsletter Service

Submit your email address and you will receive numerous email messages every day about casinos and online gambling opportunities. We will also forward your email address to our partners, so that you will receive the latest news about Viagra and penis enlargement options. The amount of email you will receive on daily basis will grow exponentially in number.

Don't wait. Submit your email address today.


Chain Letters

Once we have your email address we will also automatically add your personal information to our chain letter database. Chain letters and pyramid schemes are a good way to make an easy income, with money coming form various sources, by only signing up as a participant.


Social Networks

Once you submit your personal information to the NCIG we will make sure everyone else has it. Your personal information will be shared with all the gambling networks and will be permanently stored in a database, in much the same way as Facebook stores their member's personal information in their archives.


Information Highway

We believe the best source of information is through advertisements. Companies spend thousands of dollars into advertisements to summarize the most important pieces of information pertaining to a particular product or service. People nowadays don;t have the time to read and research, so the best source of information is a summary offered through advertisements. This is why you will receive informative brochures, special promotions and other ads letting you know how you can spend some of the money you will earn at the gambling tables.


Winning Lottery Numbers

We maintain an up-to-date list of winning lottery numbers. Play those numbers and you will be sure to win.


Counseling for Family Members of Gamblers

Family members can be the biggest burden on any gambler's career. We will help you break free from the suffocating pressure of those family members that always seem to poke their noses into other people's affairs, instead of minding their own.


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