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By Dr. Panayiotis Papadakis

Colleges are known to organize trips to the museums. That's where people have a chance to learn a bit about the past and look at some artifacts.

Although the past can be interesting, learning about it has absolutely no practical value. What people should be more interested in, is the future.

For this reason the NCIG recommends that colleges organize trips to casinos, where our young students can have a chance at making a difference for the future. THe future is the hands of the young, they say. So, why not put the future into their hands and let them determine what that is, at the craps tables?

But don't limit college gambling just to field trips to the casinos. Gambling should be the main recreational pastime on campus. Vending machines are poisoning our youth with junk food. Throw those out and replace them with slot machines.


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