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The Ultimate Craps Strategy

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By Dr. Panayiotis Papadakis

Craps is an easy game to learn if you don't bother with all the rules. In fact, I'll be the first to admit that I don't even know all the rules. And I'm a winning craps players. So, what does that tell you?

Winning Craps Strategy

It should come as no surprise that the ultimate craps strategy is actually a compilation of several winning craps strategies put together. Rule number one is to ignore all the irrelevant rules. Those are the rules that pertain to various betting options that you won't even be making. Why bother learning those rules, if you are not even going to play those bets. When you walk up to a craps table, just ask the dealer which are the even money bets and that's where you will be putting down your wagers. Ignore the rest, it's too confusing.


Play at a table that's running hot

There's no shortage of "experts" that will tell you that there's no such thing as a "hot" table in craps. What they really mean to say is that at the present time in history there is no scientific evidence to support the theory that there is such a thing as a table that's running hot. Well, that's not exactly the same thing as saying that there's no such thing. But it's the same thing as saying that in the Stone Age there was no scientific evidence to support the theory that the Earth orbits around the Sun. Who cares if our scientists and gambling "experts" have not yet been able to find this scientific evidence, when we all see that some tables are hot and others are cold. So, before you even think of putting down a wager, look around the casino and see which craps table is running hot. Go there.


Select your lucky dice

If you are going to be playing a game of luck, such as craps, you might as well play with lucky dice, when you're the shooter. It doesn't cost you anything extra to play with lucky dice, so why not take advantage of a freebie?

There are several ways to select lucky dice. First, if the table was running hot make sure that you never get the same dice that the hot shooter was shooting with. Dice are like batteries. If they get used a lot they are drained of energy. So, these dice have lost their momentum and are about to turn cold. You definitely don't want to be shooting with those dice.

When you become the shooter you will be presented with five dice. This is the most critical moment of your engagement as the shooter. Don't let anyone distract you. So, how do you pick the lucky ones?

Some children are born with perfect pitch. Those kids know exactly what note any sound makes when they hear it. Some gamblers are gifted with a similar talent, in gambling. They see five dice and they just know which are the lucky ones. If you have been gifted with this talent you'll just know which dice to take. If not, you'll have to pay more attention to these feelings each time you approach the craps table and eventually you too will have gambler's perfect pitch. until then, just be patient and concentrate. There's no way to explain this, except what I just said.


Be a disciplined player and manage your bankroll

Bankroll management is very important. Many gamblers have trouble overcoming the urge to blow their money on trivial things, such as food, rent, clothes, healthcare and such. once most of the money has been spent on these trivial things there's not enough money left for gambling. Then, with a shirt bankroll a player cannot even withstand the loosing streaks, which are inevitable.

So, the best place to cash your paycheck is at the casino. Set up a direct deposit with your employer's payroll company and have them send your paycheck directly to the casino. Then, on a friday night, when you go to the casino, the money (your money) will already be at the cage. You won't even have to wait for the check to clear (5 business days, nonsense) and go ATM hopping to withdraw $500 max at a time. All the money that you've earned with your hard work will be at the casino, ready to be invested into your future.

Now, the usual question is, how do you buy food and pay rent?

What food? What rent? What most people don't realize is that when the casino sees that you bring real capital to the table, they will want to keep you there, so that you give them the chance to win their money back. Good luck to them! But what this all boils down to is that they will give you a hotel sweet and comp you to all the finest restaurants. Plus, you will have limousine service, tickets to all the entertainment in town and in some cases they even throw in a couple of ladies to keep you company. All that on the house.

Now, let me ask you this. With this kind of deal, do you really want to spend 75% to 85% of you paycheck on trivial living expenses and show up at the casino with small change, and be treated like any average Joe? Or would you prefer royal treatment, for free, and play just in the VIP rooms?


Stick to your system

Finally, when you play, you will be using the Martingale system. This system has been explained, in full detail, on a separate page, so there is no reason to go over it here. Stick to that system and you'll always come out on top.


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