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The Theory of Casino Craps

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Craps is actually such a complicated and confusing game that it's best to just learn it on the fly, as you play. It really doesn't matter where you place your bets, because you'll be using the time-proven Martingale betting system to recuperate any possible losses and still come out on top. Just ask the dealers which are the even money bets and stick to playing those, at least until you figure out how the game works.

casino craps: dice game

To be honest, craps is so confusing that we don't even know all the rules, so we can't really give too much advice on the theory of all the betting options. But we are not concerned with theory, since there is a simple strategy that guarantees a sure win for anyone that is disciplined enough to stick to the system. In short, just put your money on any even money bet and if you lose, double your bet next time.

Once you know how to do that (and it so simple it can be explained in one sentence) who cares what the other bets are. That's all complicated stuff that has no practical value for those that are already playing a winning system.

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