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Talking to Families of Gamblers


Talking to Families of Gamblers

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Many pathological gamblers have been affected by their own families.

In our experience the biggest burden on gamblers can be their families. Family members can put so much pressure on gamblers that they end up disrupting the natural flow of events and sometimes even jinxing the outcome. Family members often have good intentions, but unfortunately good intentions alone (without a good understanding and feel for the game) are not enough. This is why the NCIG is involved in a community outreach program that helps gamblers resolve misunderstandings with their own closest relatives and break free from the suffocating pressure of friends and families. In plain English, we knock on their doors and talk some sense to them.

Family members typically point their fingers at gamblers that happened to lose some money because of bad luck, when it's glaringly obvious (to anyone that knows a thing or two about gambling) that if they hadn't interfered in the first place, history would have taken a totally different course. What is ever worse is the fact that sometimes family members take drastic measures to prevent the gamblers form entering a casino again, thus making it a theoretical impossibility for the players to make their money back.

Gamblers have to accept the fact that sometimes there is simply no other solution than to distant oneself from family members. This is why we have a team of attorneys on staff that specialize in matrimonial laws, such as divorce and legal separations. Although this may sound like a drastic step, the harsh reality is that sometimes that is the only solution to the problem. On the bright side, a divorce can sometimes work to your favor, especially if the spouse comes form a wealthy family.

Marriages are relatively easy to break up, due to the fact that people are only bound by emotions and a piece of paper. But with blood relatives there is always an additional challenge because people often feel that they are biologically bound do each other. However, the truth is that unless your blood relative is your Siamese twin, separation is only a mental block imposed by a set of so-called moral and ethical standards that have been plaguing our society for centuries. In reality there is no such thing as truly bound blood relatives. So, if your own blood relatives interfere with your life, you are better off without them, even if they have the best of intentions.

The truth is, as harsh as it may sound, they should just mind their own business. But more often than not, blood relatives poke their noses into other people's affairs simply because they are incapable of solving their own problems. By interfering with other people's affairs they have a false sense of accomplishment, in their own minds. But in reality they've only managed to disrupt the natural order of things for their own loves ones, and at the same time neglected to take care of their own business because they were too busy interfering with other people's affairs.

Gamblers have to deal with those challenges every day and often don;t really know how to resolve these problems. Fortunately the NCIG has a team of specialists that will help resolve any family issues.


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