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What is the best way to become a pathological gambler?

Some people are born that way, in much the same way as some people have perfect pitch. But even if you have not been gifted with the pathological gambler's gene, you can still develop the feel by gambling recklessly.


How does society benefit from pathological gambling?

Unlike conventional career, gambling is a way to make money without working. Work is basically the necessary evil in any conventional ways to produce an income. Kind of like a middleman. But by gambling you can completely eliminate this unnecessary "middleman" and just end up with the financial transaction in its purest form.


But how is this pure financial transaction beneficial?

Gambling produces nothing. No tangible goods and no services. The money is just transferred.


But what's so good about a financial transaction without producing anything?

In conventional transactions there are always side effects. Just look at the state of our environment. Trees are being cut, fish are fished to extinction, wildlife is disappearing. All this is a side effect of production. People produce for one reason only. Not because they like to produce. But because they want to make money. There is an old African proverb, when elephants fights the grass gets trampled. So, all these corporations are making money and destroying our environment in the process. But if they could make money without production no one would ever bother to work. Who in the right state of mind would work for a living if one could just have money without working?


Wouldn't you say that gambling is still a form of work?

This could be argued either way. Obviously the gambler needs to be engaged in some form of activity, betting and collecting the winnings. This can be compare to the conventional business format. One must first invest money into raw materials, or whatnot, and then collect the profit. But the difference is that in a conventional model there is some work in between. But in gambling you completely eliminate what happens in between the two transactions.


But in gambling there is still the spin of a ball, the roll of the dice, or the distribution of the cards.

Yes, but that's not production. And it is completely limited to the activity at the gaming table. The environment does not have to suffer because a shooter rolled a couple of dice down the craps table.


But isn't gambling risky?

Not if you know what you're doing.


But so many people lose money at the casinos. How do you explain that?

Those are just beginners. They are in a way paying for their education. They are making an investment into their own futures.


Explain that, please.

Well, in the future they will be seasoned gamblers. So, when that time comes they will be at the receiving end. Someone has to lose, for someone else to win.


But I thought the casinos take all the money?

Nonsense! That is one of the biggest misconceptions about casino gambling. The casinos are just providing a safe playground for gamblers to come together and perform a series of transactions. The casinos only take a small commission in the process, to pay for the croupiers, utility bills and free cocktails.


So, why are there always so many old people playing the slot machines, at the casinos?

Those are people that have retired from their day jobs. They saved up some money in their 40+ years as conventional workers and then they go to casinos to invest part of their retirement money and collect dividends.


Couldn't they do that by investing into mutual funds?

No. Mutual funds don't offer fast returns. Sometimes mutual fund investors have to wait through a bear market. Sometimes the funds are too dependent on the performance of some companies that the average mutual fund investor has never even heard of. But at the craps table, or at the slot machine, the investor has a hands on relationship with the short term investment. Right there and then.


But if you win so much money from the casinos, can't the casinos ban you from future visits?

Not at all. Casinos ban card counters. Not reckless gamblers.


What would you recommend for inexperienced absolute beginners?

Take all the money you can put together. Borrow form your fiends and family. Take cash advances on your credit cards. And go to a casino and check out all the games.


Is it foolish to put all the money on one bet?

Well, that depends. Not if you know what you’re doing. It’s like eating wild mushrooms. If you know what you’re doing there’s nothing crazy about picking up a wild mushroom and eating it.


And if you lose it all?

Don't worry. You can always win it back.


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