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The National Center for Irresponsible Gambling was founded in 1966 by Dr. Panayiotis Papadakis.

Dr. Papadakis was born in a small village in Greece and came to the United States, with his parents, as a illegal immigrants, in 1952. Dr. Papadakis did not receive any formal education as he is not a believer in such things (which he thinks is a form of brainwashing). Instead he is a self-educated individual that managed to make it all the way to a PhD.

Here is an introduction from Dr. Papadakis.


A Letter from our Founding Father

National Center for Irresponsible GamblingI am Dr. Panayiotis Papadakis. I am the founder and CEO of the National Center for Irresponsible Gambling, the number one institution in the world helping gamblers manage their assets and achieve their ultimate goals, which is to gamble.

I have a PhD in behavioral sciences and a post dissertation in the arts and sciences of gambling.

I have been named the world’s foremost authority on gambling, by the most prestigious institution on gambling in the world, none other than the NCIG itself.

I am the author of more than two dozen books on gambling (the books have not been published as of yet, due to censorship by special interest groups that hold the publishing companies at their fingertips).

I am considered to be the world's foremost authority on casino gambling and roulette systems. I have been a roulette players since the age of 18, which is the secret of my financial success.

I was the most feared gambler and system player in Las Vegas, in the late 1980s. I took all casinos by storm. I literally had them by the (roulette) balls.


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