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The Theory of French Roulette

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To a roulette system player, French roulette (sometomes also called European roulette) is like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Unlike American roulette, the French wheel has only one green zero. To a Martingale system player, betting on even odds, this is a huge edge (in addition to the already big edge that a system player has over the casino, by using the Martingale system).

French Roulette Wheel

Just take a quick look at the wheel in the image above. To an amateur this wheel looks just like any other roulette wheel. But to a trained eye of a seasoned gambler, this roulette wheel is like night and day, when compared, side by side with an American roulette wheel.

The difference is highlighted in green. That's the damn zero.

The casino uses this zero to collect occasional commission for the house, in much the same way as poker dealers may rake the pot, in every poker game. Remember, although the gamblers are technically-speaking playing against the casino, this is just an illusion. In reality the gamblers are playing against each other and the casino is just the middleman. So, every now an then the casino collects commission. to pay the croupiers, utility bills and such. There's nothing wring with commission payments, after all, to a professional gambler this is just a small business expense. Every business has expenses, so the business of gambling is no different.

But the goal of every business should be to maximize the incoming money and minimize the expenses. So, in a game of French roulette the casino commission is cut by half. This in effect minimized the business expenses for the professional gambler.

In short, if you walk into a casino and see American roulette at one side of the pit and French roulette at the other side, forget about American roulette and go play the French wheel.


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