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By Dr. Panayiotis Papadakis

If you've ever walked into a licensed casino you must have seen signs that state "problem gambling" or something similar. At first glance these signs might give the wrong impression and casino patrons might think that there's some kind of organization that will lend a helping hand to those that might have trouble finding some action. After all, what other gambling problems are there? But the grim reality is that these signs have been put up by an organization called Gamblers Anonymous, aka GA.

Gamblers Anonymous is a special interest group with a powerful lobby that's been able to push some very disturbing laws through Washington. To make a long story short, GA has been able to convince our lawmakers that their signs must be posted in every casino and in all casino promotional materials. This has had a very detrimental impact on the casino gambling industry. As a result of their extremist campaign many gamblers have turned their backs at casinos and pissed away the rest of their lives working for paychecks.

Enough is enough.


The Happy Gambler

A gambler is most happy when a gambler does what gamblers do, which is to gamble. That's why no one should ever be allowed to stand between a gambler and a casino, especially not special interest groups, such as Gamblers Anonymous. Those who have been made aware of this danger will simply ignore GA missionaries and continue walking towards the felt tables, but many gamblers have already fallen victim to GA's tricks. Exact numbers are unknown, but latest estimates tell us that some 5 million gamblers worldwide fall into the GA trap every year. A very high percentage of gambler that take the wrong turn and follow a GA missionary to a "meeting" come out completely brainwashed and are never to be seen in a casino again. Fortunately there's help. Real help!

The NCIG created a sub-organization called GA Victims Rehabilitation Center. The GAVRC is exactly what the name implies, it is an organization that helps gamblers that have become victims of Gamblers Anonymous.

If you or someone you know have become victim of Gamblers Anonymous come to us for help, real help. We will put you on the right track and have you back at the gaming tables before you know it.


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