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By Dr. Panayiotis Papadakis

There are two kinds of laws in this world: the laws imposed upon society my lawmakers and the laws of nature. Those are two distinctly different kinds of laws. Also both of these kinds of laws apply to gambling so it is important to gambler to understand how they may impact our lives.

First of all, the artificial laws are often at odds with common sense an clear logic. Don't try to make sense why it is illegal to gamble in an illegal gambling den; or why any gambling den should be illegal to begin with. We shall not waste time debating over these anti-gambling laws because there's nothing we can do to change them. If you don't like a law, ignore it. If you find it hard to ignore it, go gamble in another place where they have different laws.

The laws that we cannot ignore are the laws of nature... or the laws of physics; which is the same thing (the word "physics" actually means "from nature" or "natural things," from Latin "physica", translation of Greek "ta phusika"). So, unlike artificial laws, the laws of nature actually a) make sense, and b) cannot be broken and/or ignored. That's all good news for us serious gamblers.

What this boils down to is that you can just use common sense when you gamble. So, when some "expert" tells you that the dice have no memory, you can tell him to write this up in the law books and try to pass it through congress. That may become a law one day, but fortunately, just like any other artificial laws, you can simply ignore that one, because a) it make no sense, and b) it cannot affect the laws of nature. Common sense tells us that all the dice rolls must average out in the long run. This means that dice do have memory, because how else would they average out in the long run?

When we talk about dice and memory, we are not necessarily talking about craps, or even dice in particular. We may be using the dice as an analogy. This means that the same common sense laws apply to the games such as American roulette, French roulette or any other game of chance. The laws of physics apply to all of those games.


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