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The National Center for Irresponsible Gambling was founded by Dr. Panayiotis Papadakis, in 1966,although the idea was actually conceived, at least contraceptually, about one decade prior.

The first office of the NCIG was situated in the basement of a Greek diner, owned by Dr. Papadakis' grandfather, in New York City. At the time the organization only consisted of family members that would meet several times per week, in the basement of the diner, to gamble.

Lucky Greek Diner Gambling Den

These were just humble beginnings, but it soon became clear that gambling was the best way to take the day's earnings and convert that little cash into a more substantial amount, by doubling, tripling or even quadrupling the amount.

Soon word of good fortune began to spread and new members joined the organization. The diner closed down (after only a couple of month in business) and the old diner tables and stoves were thrown out into the dumpsters to be replaced by nicer-looking tables lined with green felt. The windows were also permanently shaded and the clientele changed. The old waitresses were fired and replaced by more attractive and younger cocktail waitresses, wearing miniskirts and curved in the right places. The gaming tables moved upstairs, into the old diner area, the VIP room occupied the old kitchen and the original basement gambling den was converted into a shag room for their VIP customers.

Money began to pore in and the rest is history.


Today the NCIG is recognized as the most prestigious organization involved in advancing pathological gambling, through research, education and awareness.


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