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The House Always Wins. Does It Really?

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By Dr. Panayiotis Papadakis

Today we are going to debunk one of the world's oldest gambling myths, which is that the house always wins.

Yes, the house always wins against losers, but there's no law that says that you have to be one of those losers, is there? What "they" (i.e. the so-called house) don't want you to know is that the house never wins against winners. You can take that philosophy all the way to the bank. But before you run off to the bank, spend a couple of hour at the roulette table. Then go to the bank.

Casinos have been spreading some misinformation that they somehow always win. I guess we are to believe that they have some kind of supernatural powers that enable them to "always" win. Is that so? And what, may I ask, are all those people doing at the cage, before leaving the casino? If memory serves me well, I think I remember seeing some folks cashing-in some casino chips there, after they've spent some time at their tables. And who may those people be? I would dare to draw the only logical conclusion that those were people that managed to win some money. Did I say win? So, if those were winners what does that make the house? I guess the house didn't quite win this time. So, perhaps the house doesn't really "always" win.

The problem is really that people feel intimidated by authority and if "the house" says so, it must be so. But the truth is that "the house" is just a special interest group that is powerful enough to spread misinformation through traditional media and by infiltrating in our society, talking trash.

Fortunately there are some people that know the truth. So let the truth be told.

First of all, the house doesn't "always" win. There's no such thing as always winning. Now, let me finally explain, why the house can't possibly always win.

The theory is really very simple and straightforward. So, allow me to start explaining this theory with a practical example.

Have you ever seen a blackjack dealer stand on 16? Have you even seen a blackjack dealer double down on 11? Have you ever seen a blackjack dealer hit a hard 17? Of course not. And here's why.

Casinos are bound by a set of strict rules and thus are not allowed to make any decisions how they can play out their hands. But the fact is that at times the house may be better off to hit a hard 17, or stand on 16. But the house cannot take the liberty to make any such decisions, can they. Well, but the players can.

This is just one example that proves beyond any doubt that players have an advantageous position against the casinos. Players can make decisions, casinos can't. Players can follow their instincts, hunches and intuitions, casinos cannot. And players decide when and how much to bet. Casinos don't take money out of their customers pockets and bet for them.

So, what does all the boil down to? To illustrate my point, casinos are the puppets and the players are the ones pulling the strings.


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