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There are many places where one can gamble and there are many sites where one can find gambling information. But there are only a few places and sites that we recommend.


CARDSHARK Online - This the world's first and still leading resource for crooked gambling and cheating with cards.

CARDSHARK Online Blog - The official blog of CARDSHARK Online.

Cardshark.TV - The video sharing site for gambling videos.

SHARPS and FLATS: Secrets of the Cardsharps - The first online version of the classic gambling book, by John Nevil Maskelyne.

CASINOVILLE comics - A humorous illustrated site featuring the ghosts of the desecrated gamblers, living in the gambling town of Casinoville.

Bustout Dealer: Crooked Blackjack Parties - A site where you can book a card cheat to entertain you.

Playing Cards Online - An online collection of playing cards and card games from around the world.

The Mott Street Poker Club - The first online edition of the rare gambling book, about a poker club in New York's Chinatown.

Blackjack Insider - A monthly e-newsletter and web site with fresh new articles on blackjack and gambling by leading experts and authorities. Sign-up for free.



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