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The Martingale Gambling System

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The Martingale gambling system is the oldest and most popular gambling system of them all. A true classic. The granddaddy of all gambling systems.

No built-in casino edge can ever stand the chance of beating the Martingale system, since the system is based on a sound mathematical principle of doubling your consecutive bets based on previous losses.

The Martingale system is often used by roulette system players. However, the principle of doubling your bets can be used for almost any gambling game. So, how does it work?

Basically, you start a betting cycle by playing the minimum bet allowed. If you win that bet, you start a new betting cycle; and every time you start a betting cycle you put-down the minimum bet amount. But if you lose a bet, you just double your bet on the next round.

The best bets to play the Martingale system are even money bets. Those have (roughly) a 50% chance of winning, so in the long run, on average, you will win every second time. However, sometimes (although very rarely) it can happen that you lose a few bets in a row. In that case you may have to put-down some very large bets, depending how many times in a row you had lost. That can be very nerve racking, but don't worry, the Martingale system always pays back, as soon as you hit a win, and on every win it will pay you back all the previous losses, plus a profit, equal to your initial bet.

That is it in a nutshell.

Now, people usually ask what bets to play. There are several approaches to that.

The simplest approach is to play any random even money bet that you feel will win. This is usually the approach taken by beginners that have not yet developed a good instinct for the game and don't follow the streaks. But there are better approaches.

The best approach is to keep track of previous results. We'll use roulette as an example.

In the long run all numbers must equal out. If you play read and black, there is no way in hell that one color will continue going forever. So, you keep track of the colors and play the one that has not rolled as often as the other. By adopting this approach you not only play an unbeatable money management system, i.e. the Martingale, but also place money on bets that are more likely to win, due to laws of averages and statistics.

Finally, you can combine the Martingale system and your statistical analyses with the mental bet system. This combination will give you a powerful edge over any casino game.


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