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The mental bet gambling system is a powerful weapon in the arsenal of a professional system player. The mental bet system is a system that is designed to be used in conjunction with the Martingale system.

We will use the casino game of roulette as an example.

A conventional system player will place a bet on every spin of the wheel, as he/she is keeping track of the previous results. This is a very good strategy, but it can sometimes put the players through some nerve racking losing streaks. During those losing streaks the player may end up betting the upper limit amounts.

The mental bet system completely eliminates these situation. How does it work?

The secret is that there are no rules that say that you have to bet every time. So, instead of placing an actual physical bet on every spin of the roulette wheel, you make the first bets mentally, in your mind alone. Remember, no one knows what is in your mind, so you can just relax and play the game in your mind without any fear of being detected.

The important thing is to set yourself a threshold. When you reach that threshold, you put down a live bet. But instead of making that bet in the amount that it would have normally progressed to, you just reset your betting cycle to the beginning; i.e. as if it's the first bet you have made, which it actually is, but in reality it isn't since you've already lost a few mental bets in your mind. But nobody knows that.

The trick is how to determine the threshold?

This should be a minimum of 3 lost mental bets. But if you want to increase your odds of winning in the long run, you should just increase that amount to 5 or 6 losses, before you put down your live wager.

Remember, your odds of winning are always around 50% on every spin. But sometimes your unlucky streaks will cause you to lose 8 or 9 times in a row. But no more than that, on a 50-50 bet. So, if you set your threshold to 6 bets, you will never lose more than 4 or 5 bets. Maybe sometimes 6 additional bets, but to lose 6 bets, when your threshold is already at 6 it really means that you would have to lose 12 bets in a row on a 50-50 chance of winning. And that just can't happen. That's impossible.

If you think about it, mental bet roulette system players are not doing anything drastically different form what blackjack card counters are doing. Both are keeping track of previous events in their minds, i.e. using their brains to beat the casinos at their own games. Casinos have caught up to card counters and in many places they have taken measures to put and end to skilled players using winning systems. At the present time casinos are not even aware of mental bet system players, so this is a great time to jump on the opportunity, before casinos start banning mental bet players.


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