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By Dr. Panayiotis Papadakis

In a previous article, Poker is a Game of Chance, we talked how the skill factor in the game of poker is just a theoretical oddity. In a practical sense, poker is in fact just a game of chance. Simply put: if you are lucky you win, if you are not lucky you lose. But that pertains only to individual pots, not the big picture, by any stretch of the imagination.

One challenge about poker is that it is not always possible to use the Martingale system, due to the fact that one never knows how much other players will bet. And as you know, you should almost never fold, so you are going to be losing some occasional pots, believe it or not.

Online poker resolves this problem. This is due to the fact that in online poker you can play multiple tables at once, from one single computer. Furthermore, you can play some low stakes games, mid stakes and high stakes, all at once.

In our main tutorial, The Theory of Poker, we talk about how it is completely irrelevant what cards a player holds, since it all depends on the luck of the board cards. Also, a weaker hand may win (and often does) simply because a stronger opponent was forced to fold.

This simplified poker strategy makes it very easy to play multiple tables at once, in online poker rooms, because you will not be paying any attention whatsoever to the cards. The cards are random, anyway. What is not random are your bets.

Once you make a big bet your opponents will try to "put you on a hand" (to use poker jargon) or in other words, guess what your hand is. Well, let them try to figure this one out, when you don't even know what your own hand is. Good luck to them, trying to extract the strength of your hand by reading your facial expressions. So, your opponents will get tangled up with theory of odds and probabilities, "reading" poker tells, and eventually realize that they can't put you on a hand and conclude that the only reasonable thing to do, for them, is to fold.

Keep playing like that and keep doubling your bets on other tables, when it is no longer possible to double your bets at the initial table(s). Then, every time you win a pot, reset the amount of wagers back to the original minimum bet.

Since none of your opponents have any idea that you are spreading the Martingale system over multiple poker tables they will have no clue how to make sense of your "reckless" play. They will never be able to "get a read" on you and in the long run, they have absolutely no chance to outplay you.

It is completely irrelevant if you actually end up having some losing sessions in any single game that you play, when you are simultaneously playing multiple games. The only relevant thing is that you come out on top, overall. Which you will.

So, just gamble with confidence and you will be a feared poker player. Unbeatable.


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