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The Paroli Betting System

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The Paroli betting system is the exact opposite of the Martingale system and is sometimes even referred to as the Anti-Martingale system. This alone should be a good indicator that the Paroli system is worthless.


How it Works?

Unlike the time-tested Martingale system, where a gambler is supposed to double his bet after every loss, the Paroli system has the player double his bet after every win. This is basically a Martingale system that works in favor of the casino; so we are not dealing with some so-called Anti-Martingale progression, we are simply dealing with a Reverse-Martingale scheme. The players are basically duped into letting the casino play the winning Martingale system against the them. This is why it's easy to conclude that the Paroli system is a casino conspiracy.


Casino Conspiracies

The fact that the Paroli betting system is actually a casino conspiracy is not known to the public. The Paroli system was not invented by some gambler whose name was Paroli; it was concocted behind closed doors by some of the most powerful casino moguls in the world. Their only goal was to break their customers by tricking them into playing a worthless betting system that is guaranteed to make money for the casinos. Since the casino does not decide how much a player bets on ever round, the casino is basically at a disadvantage, because they cannot play the Martingale system against the gamblers. But by tricking the players into playing the Paroli system the casino is basically playing the Martingale system against the players. And since we already know that the Martingale system is a sure winner, the casino is basically putting themselves in an advantageous position.


Common Sense

Some common sense should convince anyone that the Paroli system is a losing proposition. Basically, you double your next bet every tome you win. So, eventually you lose a bet, and when you do, you lose all the previous wins, plus one unit out of your pocket.


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