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The Theory of Russian Roulette

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Russian roulette is not likely to be found in casinos, at least not in the licensed, government regulated joints. The reason is probably because the game can be quite messy and noisy, and disturbing to elderly customers that spend hours at the slot machines. Also, there's usually a lot of emotion involved, although the losers have never been known to complain.

However, of all gambling games Russian roulette offers some of the highest rewards for the winners. Basically, this is a very quick-paced game and players put their entire possessions on the line, on a single spin. If you lose, you lose it all and if you win, you win everything, all at once.

Russian Roulette

It has been said that Russian roulette is a game of chance. Duh! What gambling game isn't? But there is an element of skill, too. The skill factor is to always be a gentleman and let your opponents draw first. If your opponents blow their brains out before the firearm is passed to you, you will not even have to draw, because there will not be any opponents left to play against. This is kind of like the blackjack dealer never playing out the hand for the house, in the event that all the players bust. That little advantage looks like there's nothing to it, but it is the advantage that pays for all the blinking lights in Las Vegas, so it you borrow that strategy from the game of blackjack and apply it to Russian roulette, you should do good in the long run.

To maximize your odds even more, you may even introduce a semi-automatic pistol, instead of a revolver, and then let your opponents draw first. In this case you have a 100% chance of winning.

However, despite all these advantages, we still don't recommend that you ever even think of playing Russian roulette. Why not? Because the Martingale system cannot be used in this game. That's because in this game you cannot double your bet, in the event that you lose a round. So, just stick to any of the other games and you should do just fine.

Also, Russian roulette has one disadvantage over other gambling games, that most people don't even realize right away.

In any other game the winner gets all the glory and is treated like royalty. But in Russian roulette the winner is stuck with cleaning up all the mess. So, even if you win a Russian roulette tournament you'll be stuck with the job of a janitor for the rest of the night. And to make things worst, you'll be dealing with a humongous pile of very unpleasant biodegradable waste that is actually illegal to dispose off in public trash receptacles. And if you don't start cleaning quickly, you'll soon find out that the waste is attracting flies that start laying maggots, within minutes. Before you know it you'll have a mountain of decaying tissue, swarming with flies and maggots, leaking fluids and stinking up an entire five-block radius. Not exactly the ideal situation to invite a couple of female companions to celebrate your win.

So, once again, there are plenty of other games to play.


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